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Private Member Association

We are a private member association (PMA).  Our services are not available to the public but are exclusive to Members Only.  Below are some of the benefits you might enjoy  as a member.

Member Benefits

The PMA sets you up with a platform to start building private wealth in a fully compliant tax free environment.

We start you off with a series of informative 'Members Only' emails to get you oriented on key issues and member resources.


You then have access to a complete video library which starts us on the path to enlightenment with some 'out of the box' thinking.  You can access these videos as your time and interest permits.

 Some of these titles are highlighted below; 

- Being forewarned is being forearmed 

- The Hedge:  MMG Wealth Management Plan 

- Let's talk about taxes 

- Here's Johnny!  What?  Me worry about crypto capital gains? 

- Building Inter-Generational Wealth 

- Our Uniquely Powerful and Private SPV 

- Banking:  The Problem and the Solution

- The Previous Taxpayer (webinar) 

- Private Business: an eight part video series

- Building your Financial Fortress

- Avoiding Capital Gains on the sale or liquidation of high value assets.

- and more

This is an elite level strategic plan geared entirely to move business-minded members into advanced financial strategies in the international marketplace. 

Ultimately, you'll learn about how to participate in lucrative business and investment opportunities which may provide your choice of;


a) long term, tax free, compounded growth and/or

b) monthly cash flow from profit distributions

Included in one of your first emails is a link to download our own 87 page ebook shown below.  To see the table of contents, scroll down.


Nowhere will you find more empowerment for only $95 one time.  


To start the adventure of acquiring newfound knowledge you can use, click the button below 

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