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Dependable. Honest. Professional.

MMG Capital Management & Trust Co. KB represents the accumulated knowledge and experience of a diverse team of specialists and analysts chosen from around the world.  Each of these, through their track record and performance results have proven that their methods and/or proprietary technology stand head and shoulders above 'traditional wisdom' and the results begotten from old & tired methodology.

This translates into 'asymetric' profit opportunities meaning a minimal amount of risk may be taken to acquire disproportionate profits.  The proper use of market timing and leverage with judicial risk management being applied to proprietary systems creates some very special opportunities for our VIP clients.

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Our Traders and Analysts

Dependable. Honest. Professional.

As is our general 'modus operandi' we tend to do things differently.  The strategies, tools and techniques which our traders and analysts employ go above and beyond traditional trading 'theory' and 'practice'.  We have assembled the brightest minds in the industry who dare to rise above the crowd and who are willing to act boldly but confidently with the most advanced techniques and trading models available.   Our results speak for themselves.  Request a consultation to explore this further.

- Jason (U.K.) employs a team of market analysts and draws upon over 15 years of intensive hands-on experience.

- Mark (Panama) has a history of not only trading professionally for clients, including a British hedge fund, but also, having achieved 'Top Trader' status for a global financial services firm was hired to teach his methods to this network of branch offices worldwide.

- Vincent (New York) has developed his own system of fast paced, in and out trading using high leverage with 'anti-stoploss' measures, meaning his strategy creates trades which almost never lose.  His winning trade ratio is above 95%.

- Francis (South Africa) has developed his own highly successful methods of analyzing highly profitable market setups and trigger points so much so, that he is in high demand to teach his methods to other professionals worldwide.

- Automated trading with A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) is responsible for good sections of certain portfolios because it provides stress-free consistency and profits.

- We also monitor a global pool of 120+ traders to identify who is achieving the highest and most consistent returns with the lowest draw downs.  We can tap into this resource for the benefit of our clients if or when desired and appropriate.

One would be hard pressed to find such a collection of knowledge and expertise in one place anywhere in the world.

This is the advantage we bring to our clients.