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What we do

We provide trust services and professional trustee and administrative /management services in a regulated environment, nothing more.

We do not offer investments or investment opportunities.  We provide the most private and secure vehicle available for you to conduct your own business and then through the trustee services and related facilities that business can be managed according to the agreed upon trust indenture document and its purposes. 

Any of the services you see mentioned or referenced in any of our literature are 'options' for you to consider in the management of your own business, wealth management or estate planning process.

Is there a minimum amount of money I need to fund the trust?

It depends entirely on the purposes and intent of the trust.  For building a diversified portfolio of holdings a figure of  €100,000 would be reasonable but it can vary up or down from that.

What fees do you charge?

The fees will vary on what is required of the initial trust set-up and configuration. Certain packages are offered from time to time and will vary based on the content and configuration.  We try to offer options for people in various economic categories

The more robust international business trust package with online account management and debit card starts at €4950 and can go up if additional structuring is required. 

Additional admin and trustee fees will apply as required by the situational needs.  A schedule is available upon request  to qualified parties.

I have more questions or a particular situation I need to discuss, how can I arrange a consultation?

Feel free to use the 'contact' page and be sure to inform us of your time zone and a good number (or Skype name) and time to reach you.  We offer a free consultation up to 30 minutes to explore if our services would be appropriate for you or not.  More detailed, situation-specific consultations can be arranged at the rate of $250/hr. pre-paid.  When you contact us be sure to let us know the nature of your inquiry.  We look forward to speaking with you!